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How to Perform Mass Mailer Attack using Setoolkit – Kali Linux 2018.1

Mass mailer is commonly used to send a phishing page link to the e-mail ID of the target. The attacker needs to be aware of the e-mail harvester technique to be efficient in this attack.

A mass mailer is also used to perform a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack through the creation of zombie “bots” and by controlling the bots through the control center.

We will use The SocialEngineer Toolkit (SET), is specifically designed to perform advanced attacks against the human element.

Select option 1 “social engineering attacks” from the menu and hit enter:

Now select option 5 “Mass Mailer Attack “ from the menu

Now select option 2 “Email attack mass mailer”

“Path to the file to import into SET”

Then select option 1 “Use a gmail account for email attack”