Web Application Security

Sigurlx – A Web Application Attack Surface Mapping Tool

Sigurlx - A Web Application Attack Surface Mapping Tool


sigurlx a web application attack surface mapping tool, it does …:

  • Categorize URLs URLs’ categories:
     > endpoint
     > js {js}
     > style {css}
     > data {json|xml|csv}
     > archive {zip|tar|tar.gz}
     > doc {pdf|xlsx|doc|docx|txt}
     > media {jpg|jpeg|png|ico|svg|gif|webp|mp3|mp4|woff|woff2|ttf|eot|tif|tiff}
  • Next, probe HTTP requests to the URLs for status_code, content_type, e.t.c
  • Next, for every URL of category endpoint with a query:


To display help message for sigurlx use the -h flag:

$ sigurlx -h
_ _
___(_) __ _ _ _ _ __| |_ __
/ __| |/ _` | | | | '__| / /
__ | (_| | |_| | | | |> <
|___/_|__, |__,_|_| |_/_/_ v2.1.0
sigurlx [OPTIONS]
-iL input urls list (use `-iL -` to read from stdin)
-threads number concurrent threads (default: 20)
-update-params update params file
-delay delay between requests (default: 100ms)
-follow-redirects follow redirects (default: false)
-follow-host-redirects follow internal redirects i.e, same host redirects (default: false)
-http-proxy HTTP Proxy URL
-timeout HTTP request timeout (default: 10s)
-UA HTTP user agent
-nC no color mode
-oJ JSON output file (default: ./sigurlx.json)
-v verbose mode


From Binary

You can download the pre-built binary for your platform from this repository’s releases page, extract, then move it to your $PATHand you’re ready to go.

From Source

sigurlx requires go1.14+ to install successfully. Run the following command to get the repo

▶ go get -u github.com/drsigned/sigurlx/cmd/sigurlx

From Github

▶ git clone https://github.com/drsigned/sigurlx.git
▶ cd sigurlx/cmd/sigurlx/
▶ go build .
▶ mv sigurlx /usr/local/bin/
▶ sigurlx -h


Issues and Pull Requests are welcome!

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