Cynet is offering unhappy competitors’ customers a refund for the time remaining on existing contracts

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Cynet goes head-to-head with CrowdStrike, DarkTrace, Cylance, Carbon Black & Symantec, offering their unhappy customers a refund for the time remaining on their existing contracts.

Cynet, the automated threat discovery and mitigation platform was built to address the advanced threats that AV and Firewalls cannot stop.

Today, Cynet announced that any organization currently deploying an advanced security solution from the list below who are unhappy with it and up for renewal in 2019 – can try Cynet for free here.

If they decide to switch to Cynet – they will be reimbursed for the remaining contract with the previous security vendor.

The Cynet offer is relevant to companies that have at least 300 endpoints and are currently customers of any of the following solutions: Crowdstrike / Carbon Black / Darktrace / Cylance / Symantec / Fire Eye Endpoint Protection / SentinelOne / Cybereason / CISCO AMP / Trend Micro Apex / Palo Alto Networks Traps.

What makes Cynet so sure that it’s better than its competitors?

According to Cynet, the answer lies in its fundamental architecture and its approach and is demonstrated in two main areas: Threat Coverage and Automation.

First Pain: Insufficient Threat Coverage

While its competitors – endpoint solutions and network analytics alike – are built to address a subset of attack vectors that target part of the attack surface, Cynet was designed from the ground up to address all threat vectors, throughout all attack stages, across the entire environment.

An example would serve well to illustrate the difference.

Many organizations turn to EDR to close the advanced threat gap. At first impression that makes sense – EDRs claim do address the silent threats that are able to evade standard defenses and conduct persistent activity inside the targeted organizations.

However, EDRs, as the name implies, focus on the endpoint: monitoring process execution, file, system and registry modification, and so on.

However, they are blind to any activity that doesn’t involve an explicit malicious process – for example, a user remotely logging in to a company resource, outside of working hours, or a network-based attack – whether credential harvesting through DNS responder, or data exfiltration utilizing legitimate protocols.

An organization’s attack surface is much broader than only its endpoint.

Similarly, relying on network analytics tools also provides partial value. While analyzing network traffic can reveal indications of an active attack taking place, such tools lack visibility to malicious activity executing on the endpoint itself, let alone the ability to prevent it altogether.

Second Pain: Manual Burden

EDR, as well as network analytics tools, focus on detection of threats. EDR alerts entail manual operation of triage, investigation, and remediation. This manual operation can yield security only when operated by a skilled and well-staffed security team.

Qualifying security analysts are both expensive and hard to find, making EDR’s value questionable for most to all of their users – unless the EDR vendor provides additional security services and the organization is charged to have their EDR operated by the vendor’s in-house experts.

Why is Cynet Better?

Cynet is not subject to these security gaps since it provides 360 visibility and protection across the entire environment – monitoring users logging in and out, executing processes, and monitoring internal and external network communication and host behavior.


Regarding the manual operation pain point, Cynet does not merely detect advanced threats, but blocks them all together, with built-in auto-remediation dramatically decreasing the time invested in manual interaction with the product.

Threat Coverage and Security Automation are in High Demand

So, Cynet believes that many EDR or network analytics customers are actively experiencing at least one of these two pains: insufficient threat coverage and being overrun by manual operation.

To these organizations, Cynet provides the opportunity to gain immediate, comprehensive and automated breach protection, while Cynet refunds them the remainder of their time with their previous security vendor.

Cynet offers a free 14-day trial. Sign up here: