Information Gathering Vulnerability Analysis

OWASP-Nettacker – Automated Penetration Testing Framework

OWASP Nettacker project is created to automate information gathering, vulnerability scanning and eventually generating a report for networks, including services, bugs, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other information. This software will utilize TCP, SYN, ACK, ICMP and many other protocols in order to detect and bypass Firewall/IDS/IPS devices. By leveraging a unique method in OWASP Nettacker for discovering protected services and devices such as SCADA. It would make a competitive edge compared to other scanner making it one of the best.

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| |__| | \ /\ / ____ \ ____) | | Version 0.0.1
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| \ | | | | | | | | | \| | ___| |_| |_ __ _ ___| | _____ _ __ | . ` |/ _ \ __| __/ _` |/ __| |/ / _ \ '__| | |\ | __/ |_| || (_| | (__| < __/ |
|_| \_|\___|\__|\__\__,_|\___|_|\_\___|_| usage: Nettacker [-L LANGUAGE] [-v VERBOSE_LEVEL] [-V] [-c] [-o LOG_IN_FILE] [--graph GRAPH_FLAG] [-h] [-i TARGETS] [-l TARGETS_LIST] [-m SCAN_METHOD] [-x EXCLUDE_METHOD] [-u USERS] [-U USERS_LIST] [-p PASSWDS] [-P PASSWDS_LIST] [-g PORTS] [-T TIMEOUT_SEC] [-w TIME_SLEEP] [-r] [-s] [-t THREAD_NUMBER] [-M THREAD_NUMBER_HOST] [-R SOCKS_PROXY] [--retries RETRIES] [--ping-before-scan] [--method-args METHODS_ARGS] [--method-args-list]Engine:
Engine input options

select a language ['ru', 'fr', 'en', 'nl', 'el', 'vi',
'id', 'de', 'tr', 'ps', 'ur', 'fa', 'hy', 'hi', 'ko',
'it', 'zh-cn', 'ar', 'ja', 'es'] -v VERBOSE_LEVEL, --verbose VERBOSE_LEVEL
verbose mode level (0-5) (default 0)
-V, --version show software version
-c, --update check for update
-o LOG_IN_FILE, --output LOG_IN_FILE
save all logs in file (results.txt, results.html,
--graph GRAPH_FLAG build a graph of all activities and information, you
must use HTML output. available graphs:
['d3_tree_v1_graph', 'd3_tree_v2_graph',
'jit_circle_v1_graph'] -h, --help Show Nettacker Help Menu

Target input options

-i TARGETS, --targets TARGETS
target(s) list, separate with ","
-l TARGETS_LIST, --targets-list TARGETS_LIST
read target(s) from file

Scan method options

choose scan method ['ftp_brute', 'smtp_brute',
'ssh_brute', 'dir_scan', 'tcp_connect_port_scan',
'viewdns_reverse_ip_lookup_scan', 'all'] -x EXCLUDE_METHOD, --exclude EXCLUDE_METHOD
choose scan method to exclude ['ftp_brute',
'smtp_brute', 'ssh_brute', 'dir_scan',
'viewdns_reverse_ip_lookup_scan'] -u USERS, --usernames USERS
username(s) list, separate with ","
-U USERS_LIST, --users-list USERS_LIST
read username(s) from file
-p PASSWDS, --passwords PASSWDS
password(s) list, separate with ","
-P PASSWDS_LIST, --passwords-list PASSWDS_LIST
read password(s) from file
-g PORTS, --ports PORTS
port(s) list, separate with ","
read passwords(s) from file
-w TIME_SLEEP, --time-sleep TIME_SLEEP
time to sleep between each request
-r, --range scan all IPs in the range
-s, --sub-domains find and scan subdomains
-t THREAD_NUMBER, --thread-connection THREAD_NUMBER
thread numbers for connections to a host
thread numbers for scan hosts
outgoing connections proxy (socks). example socks5:, socks://,
socks5:// or socks4:
socks4://, authentication:
socks://username:[email protected],
socks4://username:[email protected],
socks5://username:[email protected]
--retries RETRIES Retries when the connection timeout (default 3)
--ping-before-scan ping before scan the host
--method-args METHODS_ARGS
enter methods inputs, example: "ftp_brute_users=test,a
--method-args-list list all methods args

  • IoT Scanner
  • Python Multi Thread & Multi Process Network Information Gathering Vulnerability Scanner
  • Service and Device Detection ( SCADA, Restricted Areas, Routers, HTTP Servers, Logins and Authentications, None-Indexed HTTP, Paradox System, Cameras, Firewalls, UTM, WebMails, VPN, RDP, SSH, FTP, TELNET Services, Proxy Servers and Many Devices like Juniper, Cisco, Switches and many more… )
  • Network Service Analysis
  • Services Brute Force Testing
  • Services Vulnerability Testing
  • HTTP/HTTPS Crawling, Fuzzing, Information Gathering and …
  • HTML and Text Outputs
  • This project is at the moment in research and development phase and most of results/codes are not published yet.


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