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Optiva Framework – Web Application Scanner

You can use this Framework on your website to check the security of your website by finding the vulnerability in your website or you can use this tool to Get admin panel search SQL injection by dork As well as collecting information and encrypting Hash.


  • Infromation Modules :
  • Port Scanner
  • Whois Lookup
  • Reverse IP Domain Lookup
  • HTTP Header Domain Lookup
  • Iplocator Retrieve Ip Geolocation Info
  • Hash Modules :
  • Md5 Encode Text
  • Sha1 Encode Text
  • SHA256 Encode Text
  • SHA384 Encode Text
  • SHA512 Encode Text
  • Scanner Modules :
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • SQL Injection Scanner (SQL)
  • Dork Search SQL Injection Vuln
  • Remote Code Execution Scanner (RCE)
  • Website Admin Panel Scanner Finder

Installation Linux:
$ git clone
$ cd Optiva-Framework
$ chmod +x
$ ./
$ Type In Terminal
$ optiva

Installation Windows:
$ cd Optiva-Framework
$ pip install termcolor
$ pip install requests
$ pip install mechanize
$ run optiva :
$ python

Installation Termux (No Root):
$ apt install git
$ git clone
$ cd Optiva-Framework
$ chmod +x
$ bash
$ Select the 3 option termux and press enter
$ run optiva :
$ python2



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