It Is Possible to Hack Facial Recognition System in Windows 10

Windows 10 Facial Recognition System Is Hackable

According to some experienced cyber security researchers, it was revealed that the facial recognition system found in Windows 10 is prone to hacking. All you have to do is get a photograph (printed) of the owner, and you’re there.cked.

This facial recognition system for Windows 10 called Hello was developed by Microsoft and it promised to provide enterprise grade security to users so that  they won’t have to type in their passwords to log in. They could simply log in by running a facial scan of their face.

But, all doesn’t look that good for Microsoft because we now know that it is possible to hack facial recognition system.

Who Discovered This Flaw?

This vulnerability was discovered by a security expert named Graham Cluley along with some German researchers at SYSS. They stated they it was a piece of cake to hack into the Windows 10 systems if Hello facial recognition systems were enabled.

How Was This Hack Done?

This hack was done on a Dell Latitude laptop that had a Windows 10 (pro) installed as its operating system. It was also tested on Surface Pro 4 Tablet and the result was the same.

The account of the user got unlocked by placing a digital picture of the authorized user before the webcam.

The picture used was only 340×340 in pixels and it did the trick.

What’s The Solution?

When Microsoft learnt about this vulnerability, they released an update called 10 Falls Creator Update. This update overrides this vulnerability and makes your account and device safe again.

Microsoft also recommended their users to update their OS ASAP because high resolution pictures from Facebook can be downloaded and used on your devices to log in.

They also suggested to remove and install the Hello system for added security.

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