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CHAOS Framework v2.0 – Generate Payloads And Control Remote Windows Systems – Kali Linux 2018.1

CHAOS allow generate payloads and control remote Windows systems.


  • Reverse Shell
  • Download File
  • Upload File
  • Screenshot ?
  • Keylogger ?
  • Persistence
  • Open URL Remotely
  • Get Operating System Name
  • Run Fork Bomb

Tested On

Kali) Kali Linux – ROLLING EDITION


How To Use

# Install dependencies (You need Golang and UPX package installed)
$ apt install golang xterm git upx-ucl -y

# Clone this repository
$ git clone https://github.com/tiagorlampert/CHAOS.git

# Get and install external imports (requirement to screenshot)
$ go get github.com/kbinani/screenshot && go get github.com/lxn/win
$ go install github.com/kbinani/screenshot && go install github.com/lxn/win

# Maybe you will see the message "package github.com/lxn/win: build constraints exclude all Go files".
# It's occurs because the libraries are to windows systems, but it necessary to build the payload.

# Go into the repository
$ cd CHAOS

# Run
$ go run CHAOS.go


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