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Wynis – Audit Windows Security With Best Practice

Wynis - Audit Windows Security With Best Practice

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Just a powershell scripts for auditing security with CIS BEST Practices Windows 10 and Window Server 2016 You just need to run the script, it will create a directory named : AUDIT_CONF_%DATE%

The directory output will contain the files belows:



-Antivirus-%COMPUTERNAME% : List installed Antivirus software



-APPDATA%COMPUTERNAME% : List all executable file in APPDATA directory



-Audit%DATE%: list the result of all CIS tests



-auditpolicy-%COMPUTERNAME% : audit policy configured



-firewall-rules-%COMPUTERNAME% : List all local windows firewall rules



-gpo-%COMPUTERNAME% : Gpresult for applied GPO

-Installed-Software-%COMPUTERNAME% : List installed software



-Listen-port-%COMPUTERNAME% : netstat with associate executable

-localuser-%COMPUTERNAME% : list all local users

-OptionnalFeature-%COMPUTERNAME% :List all enabled optional feature



-Scheduled-task-%COMPUTERNAME% : list all scheduled task



-Service-%COMPUTERNAME% : list all service



-Share-%COMPUTERNAME% : list all share



-StartUp-%COMPUTERNAME% : check registry to identify start-up executable

-System-%COMPUTERNAME% : systeminfo

-SystemUpdate : Check Wmi Quickfix to identify installed update

Work In Progress

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