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SIRAS – Security Incident Response Automated Simulations

SIRAS - Security Incident Response Automated Simulations

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Security Incident Response Automated Simulations (SIRAS) are internal/controlled actions that provide a structured opportunity to practice the incident response plan and procedures during a realistic scenarios. the main idea of SIRAS is create an detection-as-a-code testing scenarios to facilitate the blueteam/tabletops scenarios. All smokers of siras make real actions into your AWS and then delete those actions in the same execution.

SIRAS is the incident response friend when you need to test your controls/alerts 🙂


Currently, the incident detection and response team are developing differents mechanisms to prevent/detect several types of incidents, leaving aside the test stage. Although each alert/automation is tested before implementing it, and it is not constantly monitored. For this, SIRAS proposes an automated test model where it is expected to trigger alerts in a controlled manner to make security incidents simulation.

How to run:


virtualenv siras && source ./siras/bin/activate


python3 -s test


-s for the “smoker”

-s Description
all run all smokers.
test test siras if works.
sg Create an open sg into AWS and nuke it.
pa Multiple auth failed into vpn paloalto portal (please config “pano_url” into smoker/
au Create an adminsitrator user into AWS.
aca Multiple auth failed into AWS console portal (please config “account_id” into smoker/
ctr Create and delete a cloudtrail trail loggin.
s3p Create an s3 bucket public.
esb Create an esb public snapshot (please config your snapshot ID into smoker/EBSPublicSmoker line27)

OPTIONS TO RUN (optional)

-b (to run) Description
True save results into s3-bucket.
False This is the default, just print the output into the console


  • Python
  • VirtualEnv
  • AWS Credentials
  • ENV name ‘BUCKETS3’ to save the logs into that bucket if “true”.
  • (If you dont want to use virtualenv) pip to install requeriments.txt

Future Integrations

  • Kubernetes smokers
  • VPC changes
  • EC2 Infected Smoker.
  • GuardDuty Changes.

Request New Modules/Publish

Please feel free to publish or request new modules or use cases, open a ISSUE into the repo or make a PR.

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