Information Gathering

Sigurls – Fetch URLs From AlienVault’s OTX, Common Crawl, URLScan

Sigurls - A Reconnaissance Tool, It Fetches URLs From AlienVault's OTX, Common Crawl, URLScan, Github And The Wayback Machine

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sigurls is a reconnaissance tool, it fetches URLs from AlienVault’s OTX, Common Crawl, URLScan, Github and the Wayback Machine.


To display help message for sigurls use the -h flag:

$ sigurls -h
_ _
___(_) __ _ _ _ _ __| |___
/ __| |/ _` | | | | '__| / __|
__ | (_| | |_| | | | __
|___/_|__, |__,_|_| |_|___/ v1.3.1
sigurls [OPTIONS]
-d domain to fetch urls for
-sE comma(,) separated list of sources to exclude
-iS include subdomains' urls
-sL list all the available sources
-nC no color mode
-silent silent mode: output urls only
-sU comma(,) separated list of sources to use


From Binary

You can download the pre-built binary for your platform from this repository’s releases page, extract, then move it to your $PATHand you’re ready to go.

From Source

sigurls requires go1.14+ to install successfully. Run the following command to get the repo

$ GO111MODULE=on go get -u -v

From Github

$ git clone; cd sigurls/cmd/sigurls/; go build; mv sigurls /usr/local/bin/; sigurls -h

Post Installation

sigurls will work after installation. However, to configure sigurls to work with certain services – currently github – you will need to have setup API keys. The API keys are stored in the $HOME/.config/sigurls/conf.yaml file – created upon first run – and uses the YAML format. Multiple API keys can be specified for each of these services.


version: 1.3.0
    - commoncrawl
    - github
    - otx
    - urlscan
    - wayback
        - d23a554bbc1aabb208c9acfbd2dd41ce7fc9db39
        - asdsd54bbc1aabb208c9acfbd2dd41ce7fc9db39

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