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Shellcode-Encrypter-Decrypter – Shellcode Encrypter & Decrypter By Using XOR Cipher To Encrypt And Decrypt Shellcode

A Shellcode Encrypter & Decrypter, Using XOR Cipher to enc and dec shellcode.


git clone && python --help

Usage Example

usage: [-h]  [-s SHELLCODE]  [-k KEY]  [-o OPTION]

Encrypting & Decrypting Shellcode optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
Shellcode To Encrypt & Decrypt
-k KEY, --key KEY Key Of The Shellcode To Encrypt & Decrypt
-o OPTION, --option OPTION
Argument For Encrypting & Decrypting Shellcode

Download Shellcode-Encrypter-Decrypter

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