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Relayer – SMB Relay Attack Script

Relayer is an SMB relay Attack Script that automates all the necessary steps to scan for systems with SMB signing disabled and relaying authentication request to these systems with the objective of gaining a shell. Great when performing Penetration testing.
Relayer makes use of Unicorn from trustedsec to create the payload that is executed on the target system you select. see https://github.com/trustedsec/unicorn , you can run the listener on the system you are running relayer on or an alternate system.
Other Payload Options will be added.

Run install_req.sh to validate dependencies and install missing ones.
Once everything is ready, usage is simple, simply run as root:

sudo ./relayer.sh

How does the Script Work
Script runs the following Steps:

  • Scan for SMB Systems on Target Network and List those with SMB signing Disabled
  • User selects system to Relay the authentication attempts to
  • User selects where to set the Listener for incoming connections
  • Relayer creates payload and sets up Responder and SMBRelayX
  • Wait for connection attempts to your attacking machine and check Listener