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Permission Manager – Bring Sanity To Kubernetes RBAC And Users Management

Permission Manager - A Project That Brings Sanity To Kubernetes RBAC And Users Management, Web UI FTW


Welcome to the Permission Manager!
Permission Manager is an application developed by SIGHUP that enables a super-easy and user-friendly RBAC management for Kubernetes.

If you are looking for a simple and intuitive way of managing your users within a Kubernetes cluster, this is the right place.
With Permission Manager, you can create users, assign namespaces/permissions, and distribute Kubeconfig YAML files via a nice&easy web UI.

First Page

Creating a user

Creating a user – Summary


  • User’s Kubeconfig*


To deploy and run the Permission Manager on your cluster, follow the installation guide

Development Setup
We love contributions from the community.
Learn how-to-contribute


How it works
The application allows us to define and select permission standard templates (those defining who can do what, within a namespace or globally) and associate them with all the users you might want to create.
The template system is an abstraction over Cluster-Roles, RoleBinding, and ClusterRolesBindigs.
Do we plan to use CRDs and custom labels? Sure, it’s in the product roadmap.

What is a template
A template is a ClusterRole with a prefix
for example template-namespaced-resources___developer

Why a template is not a CRD
When we started the development of this project, a template was one-to-one to a clusterrole, the usage of a CRD looked overkill. This will obviously change in future to avoid polluting clusterroles and will allow us to have a more precise encapsulation of what is owned by the permission manager.

How to add a new template
Create a clusterrole starting with template-namespaced-resources___ and apply it.

Default templates
developer and operation default templates can be created by applying the manifest located at k8s/k8s-seeds/seed.yml

kubectl apply -f k8s/k8s-seeds

What is a user
A user is a custom resource of kind permissionmanagerusers.permissionmanager.user

Commercial & Enterprise Support
Are you using Permission Manager in your clusters and looking for commercial support? Let us know and get in touch


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