Exploitation Tools

One-Lin3r – Gives you One-Liners that Aids in Penetration Testing Operations

One-Lin3r is simple and light-weight framework inspired by the web-delivery module in Metasploit.

It consists of various one-liners that aids in penetration testing operations:

  • Reverser: Give it IP & port and it returns a reverse shell liner ready for copy & paste.
  • Dropper: Give it an uploaded-backdoor URL and it returns a download-&-execute liner ready for copy & paste.
  • Other: Holds liners with general purpose to help in penetration testing (ex: Mimikatz, Powerup, etc…) on the trending OSes (Windows, Linux, and macOS) “More OSes can be added too”.


  • Search for any one-liner in the database by its full name or partially.
  • You can add your own liners by following these steps to create a “.liner” file.Also you can send it to me directly and it will be added in the framework and credited with your name .
  • Autocomplete any framework command and recommendations in case of typos (in case you love hacking like movies ).
  • Command line arguments can be used to give the framework a resource file to load and execute for automation.
  • The ability to reload the database if you added any liner without restarting the framework.
  • You can add any platform to the payloads database just by making a folder in payloads folder and creating a “.liner” file there.
  • More…

The payloads database is not that big in the meantime because this the first edition but it will get bigger with updates and contributions.






Commandline arguments

usage: One-Lin3r.py [-h] [-r R] [-x X] [-q]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -r          Execute a resource file (history file).
  -x          Execute a specific command (use ; for multiples).
  -q          Quit mode (no banner).

Framework commands

Command             Description
--------            -------------
help/?              Show this help menu
list/show           List payloads you can use in the attack.
search  <Keyword>   Search payloads for a specific one
use     <payload>   Use an available payload
info    <payload>   Get information about an available payload
banner              Display banner
reload/refresh      Reload the payloads database
check               Prints the core version and database version then check for them online.
history             Display command line most important history from the beginning
save_history        Save command line history to a file
exit/quit           Exit the framework

Installing and requirements

To make the tool work at its best you must have :

  • Python 3.x or 2.x (preferred 3).
  • Linux (Tested on kali rolling) or Windows system (Not tested yet on MacOS but it should work).
  • The requirements mentioned in the next few lines.

+For windows : (After downloading ZIP and upzip it)

cd One-Lin3r-master
python -m pip install -r win_requirements.txt
python One-Lin3r.py -h

+For Linux:

git clone https://github.com/D4Vinci/One-Lin3r.git
chmod 777 -R One-Lin3r
cd One-Lin3r
pip install -r requirements.txt
python One-Lin3r.py -h