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Needle – Instant Access To You Bug Bounty Submission Dashboard

Needle - Instant Access To You Bug Bounty Submission Dashboard On Various Platforms + Publicly Disclosed Reports + #Bugbountytip

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Chrome extension for Instant access to your bug bounty submission dashboard of various platforms + publicly disclosed reports + #bugbountytip

Needle is the only chrome extension you may need to have one click access to your bug submissions across various platforms. No need to create any bookmark, type on the url bar and have fuss with autocomplete problems.
Right now the list included is-

  1. Hackerone
  2. Bugcrowd
  3. Intigriti
  4. Yes we hack

and added support as-

  1. H1 Publicly disclosed reports. (from
  2. Link to #bugbountytips (via @TheBugBot)


On clicking any of the above, it opens the bug submission dashboard of that site. ex. for h1:

Dl the repo as zip, extract and load the needle folder via the “Load unpacked extension. ” (Enable dev mode in chrome before it.)
FYI, ensure, you are already logged into your accounts, or else the site will redirect for login.
Don’t forget to tweet to me if you are using this extension 🙂
Queries/Features welcome at Issues/Pull requests. Please support, it motivates me. 🙂


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