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NashaVM – VM For .NET Files And Its Runtime Was Made In C++/CLI

NashaVM - A Virtual Machine For .NET Files And Its Runtime Was Made In C++/CLI

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Nasha is a Virtual Machine for .NET files and its runtime was made in C++/CLI


git clone --recurse
cd NashaVMNashaVM
nuget restore


  • Slow
  • Several instructions are not implemented
  • Can bug


Known issues

  • Incompatible with Linux based OS


  • What is this project for?

This project is made to protect and hide managed opcodes inside a mixed engine to make it harder for reverse engineers to view or tamper your application.

  • Will this project be maintened?

Partially yes. It has been published so with the help from the community we can make the project grow and improve.

  • Is Nasha a code obfuscator?

No, Nasha is a Instruction Virtual Machine which means it could be interpreted as a obfuscator while it is not. Your code will be protected but not in a similar way.

  • How can i contribute?
    • If you have an issue you can open a ticket and we will investigate the issue in question.
    • If you have no programming knowledge but you are willing to support you can donate at bc1qfedg6qty0l8hk8qu9d4akj86mh7yqfwzcjnvn7 (Segwit BTC)
    • If you are willing to make your own project out of this repo, Follow the setup and installation guide and make sure to credit our work or you will be facing Mrak The Murderer all jokes apart since we are licensed by the GNU license it is strictly prohibed to personally this project without disclosing the source.
    • You can also join our Discord server

Contributors & Greetings


  • 0xd4d for the awesome work he brings to the .NET community.
  • xsilent007 for MemeVM

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