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Msploitego – Pentesting Suite For Maltego Based On Data In A Metasploit Database

Msploitego - Pentesting Suite For Maltego Based On Data In A Metasploit Database
msploitego leverages the data gathered in a Metasploit database by enumerating and creating specific entities for services. Services like samba, smtp, snmp, http have transforms to enumerate even further. Entities can either be loaded from a Metasploit XML file or taken directly from the Postgres msf database.


  • Python 2.7
  • Has only been tested on Kali Linux
  • software installations:
    • Metasploit
    • nmap
    • enum4linux
    • smtp-check
    • nikto
  • checkout and update the transform path inside Maltego
  • In Maltego import config from msploitego/src/msploitego/resources/maltego/msploitego.mtz
General Use
Using exported Metasploit xml file
  • run a db_nmap scan in metatasploit, or import a previous scan
    • msf> db_nmap -vvvv -T5 -A -sS -ST -Pn
    • msf> db_import /path/to/your/nmapfile.xml
    • export the database to an xml file
    • msf> db_export -f xml /path/to/your/output.xml
    • In Maltego drag a MetasploitDBXML entity onto the graph.
    • Update the entity with the path to your metasploit database file.
    • run the MetasploitDB transform to enumerate hosts.
    • from there several transforms are available to enumerate services, vulnerabilities stored in the metasploit DB
Using Postgres
  • drag and drop a Postgresql DB entity onto the canvas, enter DB details.
  • run the Postgresql transforms directly against a running DB
  • Instead of running a nikto scan directly from Maltego, I’ve opted to include a field to for a Nikto XML file. Nikto can take long time to run so best to manage that directly from the os.




  • Connect directly to the postgres database – in progress
  • Much, much, much more tranforms for actions on generated entities.

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