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Lazybee – Wordlist Generator Tool for Termux

Lazybee - Wordlist Generator Tool for Termux


Lazybee tool is a python based script from which you can generate random wordlist for brutefocre attacks. This tool has a unique features like wordlist generating time calculation and direct .txt saving in current directory. This tool works on both rooted Android device and Non-rooted Android device.

lazybee is available for

  • Termux

Installation and usage guide

$ apt-get update -y
$ apt-get upgrade -y
$ pkg install python -y 
$ pkg install python2 -y
$ pkg install git -y
$ pip install requests
$ pip install random
$ ls
$ git clone
$ ls
$ cd lazybee
$ ls
$ python2

ex:- Enter the number of characters: 8
Name your wordlist wit (.txt) extensions: pass.txt
WOW… you just created wordlist in hackers way.

This tool is only for educational purpose. If you use this tool for other purposes except education we will not be responsible in such cases.


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