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How to Hack Windows/Mac/Linux using PasteJacking (PasteZort) and Kali Linux 2017.1

Hey Guys, In this video i show you how to use PasteJacking to hack any operating system using PasteZort and Kali Linux 2017.1.


Installation and Usage:
git clone https://github.com/ZettaHack/PasteZort.git
cd PasteZort && ls
chmod +x PasteZ0rt.py encode.rb

What is Pastejacking?
Nearly all browsers allow websites to run commands on the users’ computers. This feature can allow malicious websites to take over your computers’ clipboard. That is, when you copy something and paste it to your clipboard, the website can run one or more commands using your browser. The method can be used to change the Clipboard contents. While it may not be much dangerous if you are just copying to Notepad or Word etc. , it could be a problem for your computer if you paste something directly to the Command Prompt.

Websites run command(s) when anything specific is done by the user – like when pressing a specific key or right-clicking the mouse. When you press CTRL+C on your keyboard, it triggers the website command mode. After a small wait, say 800 ms, it pastes something malicious to your clipboard. The wait is to let you use CTRL+V paste the original text that you copied. Some websites may track CTRL+V and use it to trigger a command that changes the clipboard contents.

They can also track mouse movements. If you do not use the keyboard but instead, use the context menu to copy, then too they can trigger commands to replace your clipboard contents.

Video Tutorial: