Doctor Guilty of 137 Charges Related to Darknet Child Pornography

Dr. Matthew Falder, 28, of Birmingham, England is at the center of one of the most horrific crimes law enforcement has come across on the Darknet. Falder has recently plead guilty to 137 charges that include sexual exploitation and distributing child pornography.

Falder was also discovered to have encouraged another man to rape a child that was only 4 years old and the man eventually followed through with the assault. Falder was found to have collected the sexual images by various means. He even went as far as to pose as a woman who claimed to be an artist in order to receive sexual images from victims.

After he’d receive these images he would go to great lengths to get their personal information then proceed to blackmail them into sending him videos containing humiliating acts. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Falder went on to distribute the images and videos on several forums throughout the Darknet.

During the investigation, it was also discovered that he had placed illegal hidden cameras in the bathrooms and showers of real life acquaintances, which he also shared on the Darknet.

Falder reportedly spent a minimum of 8 years committing these crimes and was employed at University of Birmingham in the UK as a post-doctoral researcher. He has since been terminated from the university and a domino effect ensued.

The university even had to go as far as to release a statement disconnecting the college from anything having to do with Falder’s crimes and also offered therapeutic help to any students or staff who may need it.

The GCHQ and the NCA investigated him for 2 years before being able to arrest him. He will appear in court in early December 2017 where the prosecutor plans to seek the maximum punishment of life in prison.