Austrian Man Sentenced to Prison for Buying Dark Web Drugs

A 29 year old Austrian man will spend one year in prison for purchasing amphetamine paste on the Dark Web. The man was also charged with a few other less serious crimes connected to his Dark Web activities in other countries but those charges have been suspended with government supervision for a year.

Authorities were able to get on the trail of the Austrian man’s illicit activities by intercepting two packages containing amphetamine paste. While authorities intercepted the first package he ordered, they were in the process of making an arrest on the matter.

However, the man cited “bad luck” about this order when he didn’t receive the drugs and quickly ordered a second package of amphetamine paste, which authorities also intercepted. Law enforcement then made the move to go to the man’s home and arrest him for his crimes.

The 29 year old initially ordered a very small amount of hashish so that he could see if the Dark Web marketplace he had chosen would be the real deal. He certainly received his order as he had hoped but because of this success he was prompted to up the ante and go for the gold. The man decided to order a sizable amount of amphetamine paste but, for reasons mentioned previously, he never received it.

He went on to assume it was from bad luck and, through the mental fog of addiction he suffered, decided to order another package in hopes he would actually receive it this time.

Obviously, those drugs weren’t delivered to his home either since law enforcement had already intervened. The defendant went on to voice his remorse and vowed he would correct his behavior and never attempt to buy drugs on the Dark Web again. His remorse was likely a factor in his light one year sentence.

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