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certstreamcatcher – Catching phishing by observing certificate transparency logs

Catching phishing by observing certificate transparency logs. This tool is based on regex with effective standards for detecting phishing sites in real time using certstream.



$ cd /opt/
$ git clone
$ cd certstreamcatcher
$ npm install

npm package
To install certstreamcatcher using npm run:

npm install --save certstreamcatcher

Try on npm runkit
This is a playground to test certstreamcatcher

The certstreamcatcher is extremely simple, all you have to do is to import the library certstreamcatcher and certstream register the callback and call certstreamClientPhishing and pass the callback parameter to certstreamClientPhishing.

const certstreamcatcher = require('certstreamcatcher'); 
const certstream = require("certstream");

const regex = /(wellsfargo|paypal|login|sign-in|secure|update|money|sslsecure||amazon|)/gi; # Keywords

const tlds = ['.io','.gq','.ml','.cf','.tk','.xyz','.pw','.cc']; # tlds 

var client = new certstream(function(certstream) {  
 certstreamcatcher.certstreamClientPhishing(certstream, regex, tlds, {tlds: true});


To execute the program save the above code and execute with the command:

$ node certstreamcatcher.js