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Bramble – A Hacking Open Source Suite

Bramble - A Hacking Open Source Suite

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Bramble software has been designed for the bramble project. It incorporates many features of pentesting and IT Security. It’s easy to use and completely editable. It allows beginners to learn hacking and gives more experienced users a customisable plug and play hacking tools so they can add their own code quickly.

Bramble is an open source project to which you can contribute ! If you develop some features, don’t be shy and share it with us. We will work together in order to implement it in the platform.

How it works
Bramble is based mainly on C++. But you can adding easily some code using another language. If you don’t like C++ (that would be a mistake ^^) it doesn’t really matter because i offer some templates to help you and to save your time. I try to put lots of comments in my code and i add some links to online classes/articles to have a better understanding of how the code works. Finally for each features i wrote a help file to give you informations about how to use it step by step.


Currently work :

     0. Cryptography
        -Encrypt file
        -Decrypt file
     1. Steganography
        -Hide a file in a file
        -Get an hidden file
     2. Forensic Tools
        -Restore all deleted files
        -Restore specific type of files
        -Erase permently a file/folder
     3. Wifi jammer/deauther
        -Deauth user(s) from a network (connection not required, monitor mode required)
        -Deauth user(s) from your network (connection required, monitor mode not required)
     4. Evil twin
        -Fluxion custom version for bramble
     5. Key cloner
        -Copy an usb storage to another usb key
        -Copy an usb storage to internal storage
        -Copy only some types of files
     6. Gain access
        -Bruteforce ssh
        -Network backdoor
     7. Sniffer
           -Unencrypted passwords
        -Website's names
        -Detect sniffing attack (by arp poisoning)
        -Read a previous report (sniffing, scan, detection)
     8. Tools
        -Enable/Disable the web interface
        -Erase permently a file/folder
        -Password generator from file
        -Scan a network
        -ARP scanner
        -Change mac adress
     9. Settings
        -Unmount an usb device
        -Display ip adress
        -switch to ligth/classic menu

Coming soon :

     10. Wifi Attack
        -Wps attack
     11. Fake access point
        -Phishing ?
     12. Sniffer
        -Password sniffer
        -Website sniffer
        -Custom sniffer

As of today, this software works only on the bramble enivronment. It may become compatible with others devices powered by kali linux.



Édouard Huon


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