Apple has released Mac OS 10.13.1 that fixes WiFi KRACKS Vulnerability

Critically, both OS updates address the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability for any devices. It is a dangerous vulnerability in the WPA2 Wi-Fi assurance standard that allowed hostile actors to perform a key reinstallation and receive to Wi-Fi traffic for keys and other personal data, among other things.

Both also include numerous new Unicode 10.0 emoji. They include the “I love you” hand symbol, a wizard, a takeout food box, gender-neutral characters, and much more.

Additionally, macOS 10.13.1 solidified bugs like Bluetooth appearing unavailable while using Apple Pay and Keyboard input sometimes not serving in Spotlight. For the enterprise, Apple says this update adds assistance for unlocking a FileVault-encrypted APFS size using a recovery keychain file. It also performs SMB printing more good and makes it possible to access Touch ID preferences on recent MacBook Pros while logged in as a portable account.

Apple also issued tvOS 11.1 a secondary update consisting primarily of minor bug fixes and a KRACK vulnerability fix and watchOS 4.1 today. The latter takes a lot of welcome changes, like the ability to toggle electronic Wi-Fi connections on and off. The watch’s choice for Wi-Fi caused connectivity difficulties for some reviewers and current users who needed to use their watches while in range of nonfunctional or paid broadcast networks.