Exploitation Tools

ZeroDoor – A Script Written Lazily For Generating Cross-Platform Backdoors

A script written lazily for generating reverse shell backdoors on the go whenever you need without any hassle for your daily penetration needs . These backdoors are not James Bond high tech stuff but rather simple ones to prevent over exploitation and limited capabilities Once you generate the payload somehow execute on the concerned system either Win or nix based systems . Once executed you will have the capability of executing remote commands on the compromised host.


python zerodoor.py

Tiny Overview
Nothing special it includes three basic backdoor generation capability for :-

  1. Nix/OSX Based
  2. Windows Shit

Poweshell payload generation have been added due to its sofistication and presistence 🙂

Souhardya Sardar is a lazy guy who keeps learning and gets trolled by experts Github :- github.com/Souhardya