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XMLRPC Bruteforcer – An XMLRPC Brute Forcer Targeting WordPress

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An XMLRPC brute forcer targeting WordPress written in Python 3. In the context of xmlrpc brute forcing, its faster than Hydra and WpScan. It can brute force 1000 passwords per second.


python3 xmlrcpbruteforce.py http://wordpress.org/xmlrpc.php passwords.txt username
python3 xmlrpcbruteforce.py http://wordpress.org/xmlrpc.php passwords.txt userlist.txt

If you get an xml.etree.ElementTree.ParseError:

  • Did you forget to add ‘xmlrpc’ in the url ?
  • Try to add or remove ‘https’ or ‘www’.

I’m working on the Exception Handling. Will fix it soon.


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