Information Gathering

Tinfoleak – Twitter OSINT Tool

Tinfoleak is a simple Python script that allow to obtain detailed information about a Twitter user activity

Detailed information about any Twitter user:

  • basic information about a Twitter user (name, picture, location, followers, etc.)
  • devices and operating systems used by the Twitter user
  • applications and social networks used by the Twitter user
  • place and geolocation coordinates to generate a tracking map of locations visited
  • show user tweets in Google Earth!
  • download all pics from a Twitter user
  • hashtags used by the Twitter user and when are used (date and time)
  • user mentions by the the Twitter user and when are occurred (date and time)
  • topics used by the Twitter user


Twitter OSINT Tool Tinfoleak


You can filter all the information by:

  • start date
  • time end date
  • time keywords

The first time you runs this script, you need to assign the OAuth settings.

Edit ""

Give value to these variables:

How to obtain these values:

Usage [-n|--name] username [-c|--count] count [-t|--time][-b|--basic][-s|--source][-h|--hashtags][-m|--mentions][-g|--geo] geofile [--stime] stime [--etime] etime [--sdate] sdate [--edate] edate [-f|--find] word [-p|--pics] images [-o|--output] file
        (*) username:Twitter account
            count: number of tweets to analyze (default value:100)
            time: show time in every result (default value: off)
        (+) basic: show basic information about the username (default value: off)
        (+) source: show applications used by username (default value: off)
        (+) hashtags: show hashtags used by username (default value: off)
        (+) mentions: show twitter accounts used by username (default value: off)
        (+) geofile: show geolocation information and save the results in KML format forGoogleEarth visualization (default value: off)
            stime: filter tweets fromthis start time.Format: HH:MM:SS (default value:00:00:00)
            etime: filter tweets fromthisend time.Format: HH:MM:SS (default value:23:59:59)
            sdate: filter tweets fromthis start date.Format: YYYY/MM/DD (default value:1900/01/01)
            edate: filter tweets fromthisend date.Format: YYYY/MM/DD (default value:2100/01/01)
        (+) word: filter tweets that include this word
        (x) images:[0] show images (parameter "geofile"is mandatory),[1] download images (to the "screen_name" directory)
            file: output file
       (*)Required parameter
        (+)One of these parameters must be informed
        (x)If you enabled this option, you need to be patient.The execution time is greatly increased.
                # -n vaguileradiaz -b
                # -n stevewoz -sc 1000
                # -n nicholasstoller -g nicholasstoller.kml -o output.log
                # -n vaguileradiaz -thm
                # -n billgates -g billgates.kml -p 1 -c 300
                # -n vaguileradiaz -tc 500 -f secret --sdate 2013/10/01 -o output.log
                # -n vaguileradiaz -shmtc 1000 --stime 08:00:00 --etime 18:00:00

Download Tinfoleak