Three Class Action Lawsuits have been filed against Intel because of Chipzilla

The prosecutions were filed in California, Oregon, and Indiana, according to The News. The three incidents focus on the setback in Intel disclosing the Meltdown and Spectre cyber-flaws, which make it and others firms’ parts vulnerable to hackers.

The company was first published of the two vulnerabilities in June 2016 but did not openly disclose them until this week after researchers carried them forward. The corporation said it had planned to make vulnerabilities public next week.

The actions also allege that the patches to fix the vulnerabilities will cause machines to operate more slowly.

Intel has argued that claim, saying in a statement, “Contrary to some statements, any performance impacts are workload-dependent, and, for the common computer user, should not be significant and will be decreased over time.”

Legal experts think that more lawsuits over the vulnerabilities will follow. Experts doubt that the number of machines affected, which includes Intel chips built all the way back to 1995, means that more customer suits will be filed in addition to lawsuits from organizations who are also affected.

The vulnerabilities also affect the cloud systems of Amazon, Google, and Apple.

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