Spyse: All-In-One Cybersecurity Search Engine

Spyse: All-In-One Cybersecurity Search Engine

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Spyse is a cybersecurity search engine for finding technical information about different internet entities, business data, and vulnerabilities. It’s an all-in-one platform for fast and effortless reconnaissance without using any additional tools.
Spyse engine implements a ready-to-use database with massive amounts of internet data that helps to avoid waiting for the end of the scan, creating own scanning infrastructure, forget about rate limits, and stay anonymous while gathering information.

Data Gathering

The search engine uses 38 self-developed scanners, which are tailored towards gathering specific information from the internet. Scanners work uninterruptedly and pick up data from different sources, verifying the datasets to ensure data authenticity in order to show only the correct results.
Spyse uses a distributed scanning system from over 50 servers in order to bypass area scanning restrictions and blocking from internet service providers. This increases the amount of found data and splits the load, for uninterrupted scanning.
  All found data is interlinked by Spyses’ analytic system in order to show the relationships between different internet entities like organizations, related domains, related IPs, and more. This affords to conduct world & business analysis based on mass data.

Data Storing

The database is Spyse’s primary asset. It allows users to perform reconnaissance tasks by gathering data straight from a ready pool. This means no more manual scanning.
To provide this level of flexibility, Spyse stores only hot data in a system of 50 highly functioning servers and breaks up the data into 250 shards, which makes for about 7 billion documents overall.

Data Providing


At first glance, Spyse’s web interface looks like a simple search engine with a simple search bar and results page. Results are structured and organized into the tables with ability to use fast filters and change columns for more convenient use. All data can be downloaded in JSON or CSV formats for offline use.


Spyse API comes with broad documentation on Swagger with the ability to test each request right on the page. All types of requests and parameters are described in the API section.

Productivity Enhancements

The Advanced Search is a unique feature that works like a live filter for precision scanning. By adding 5 different search filters, the program removes irrelevant results and directs your search towards precisely the data you need. There’s no need to scroll through the heaps of results and organize massive datasets to find the right info.
By using only 2 filters users are able to find all elasticsearch databases that relate to a specific autonomous system or that have specific CVE ID.
For example – all elasticsearch databases that have CVE-2019-7616.
*Only registered users are able to see the results.
Spyse users can perform quick infrastructure scans by using the Scoring feature. It compares all found data with the CVE databases, assigning IPs a security rating of 0-100. Security Scoring allows users to explore expanded information on each vulnerability or search for vulnerable targets using the security rating or CVE ID in Advanced Search.

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