Reddit is partnering with Sprinklr to improve customer engagement

The Partnership sounds like something that would result on Facebook or Twitter, which are rife with imprinted content not on a site like Reddit.

Well, internet, I’m sorry to tell you that marks may soon be sliding more on Reddit. On Thursday, Reddit shared a significant business announcement full of jargon you force not like. Reddit has a new “integration with enterprise social platform” Sprinklr.

So, what precisely does the announcement mean? Sprinklr presents a platform for brands like McDonalds and Marriott to easily recognize and respond to their customers.

“Global companies can now use Sprinklr to listen to what consumers are saying, analyze trending topics, and achieve Reddit customer care immediately through the Sprinklr platform,” reads a press release.

Sprinklr is actually the first platform to have access to “both listening and publishing access” according to the business, meaning its the first time brands will be able to see what Reddit users are talking about on the site and be able to respond immediately from the social media dashboard.

It’s not the first time Redditors have been notified of a potential brand invasion, either. Back in August 2016, Reddit included sponsored posts where brands could pay to promote users posts.

“In conversations with several advertisers, we often hear that Redditors have already rallied about brands and products they genuinely like, and sponsors want to know how they can be part of that,” read the notification from the Reddit team.

Of course, brands have been a part of Reddit for a while. Some brands have been replying to fans and haters on Reddit for years. It’s “nothing new,” according to a Reddit spokesperson.

Now, brands are getting, even more, access to Redditors communications. This is an opening up the floodgates.