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Rastrea2R – Collecting & Hunting For IOCs With Gusto And Style

Rastrea2R - Collecting & Hunting For IOCs With Gusto And Style
Ever wanted to turn your AV console into an Incident Response & Threat Hunting machine? Rastrea2r (pronounced “rastreador” – hunter- in Spanish) is a multi-platform open source tool that allows incident responders and SOC analysts to triage suspect systems and hunt for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) across thousands of endpoints in minutes. To parse and collect artifacts of interest from remote systems (including memory dumps), rastrea2r can execute sysinternal, system commands and other 3rd party tools across multiples endpoints, saving the output to a centralized share for automated or manual analysis. By using a client/server RESTful API, rastrea2r can also hunt for IOCs on disk and memory across multiple systems using YARA rules. As a command line tool, rastrea2r can be easily integrated within McAfee ePO, as well as other AV consoles and orchestration tools, allowing incident responders and SOC analysts to collect forensic evidence and hunt for IOCs without the need for an additional agent, with ‘gusto’ and style!


  • Python 2.7.x
  • git
  • bottle
  • requests
  • yara-python


  • Clone the project to your local directory (or download the zip file of the project)
$git clone
$cd rastrea2r
  • All the dependencies necessary for the tool to run can be installed within a virtual environment via the provided makefile.
$make help
help                           - display this makefile's help information
venv                           - create a virtual environment for development
clean                          - clean all files using .gitignore rules
scrub                          - clean all files, even untracked files
test                           - run tests
test-verbose                   - run tests [verbosely]
check-coverage                 - perform test coverage checks
check-style                    - perform pep8 check
fix-style                      - perform check with autopep8 fixes
docs                           - generate project documentation
check-docs                     - quick check docs consistency
serve-docs                     - serve project html documentation
dist                           - create a wheel distribution package
dist-test                      - test a wheel distribution package
dist-upload                    - upload a wheel distribution package
  • Create a virtual environment with all dependencies
$make venv
//Upon successful creation of the virtualenvironment, enter the virtualenvironment as instructed, for ex:
$source /Users/ssbhat/.venvs/rastrea2r/bin/activate
  • Start the rastrea2r server by going to $PROJECT_HOME/src/rastrea2r/server folder
$cd src/rastrea2r/server/
Bottle v0.12.13 server starting up (using WSGIRefServer())...
Listening on
  • Now execute the client program, depending on which platform you are trying to scan choose the target python script appropriately. Currently Windows, Linux and Mac platforms are supported.
$python -h
usage: [-h] [-v] {yara-disk,yara-mem,triage} ...

Rastrea2r RESTful remote Yara/Triage tool for Incident Responders

positional arguments: {yara-disk,yara-mem,triage}

modes of operation
yara-disk Yara scan for file/directory objects on disk
yara-mem Yara scan for running processes in memory
triage Collect triage information from endpoint

optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
-v, –version show program’s version number and exit

Further more, the available options under each command can be viewed by executing the help option. i,e

$python yara-disk -h
usage: yara-disk [-h] [-s] path server rule

positional arguments:
path File or directory path to scan
server rastrea2r REST server
rule Yara rule on REST server

optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
-s, –silent Suppresses standard output

  • For ex, on a Mac or Unix system you would do:
$cd src/rastrea2r/osx/

$python yara-disk /opt test.yar

Executing rastrea2r on Windows

Currently Supported functionality

  • yara-disk: Yara scan for file/directory objects on disk
  • yara-mem: Yara scan for running processes in memory
  • memdump: Acquires a memory dump from the endpoint ** Windows only
  • triage: Collects triage information from the endpoint ** Windows only

For memdump and triage modules, SMB shares must be set up in this specific way:

  • Binaries (sysinternals, batch files and others) must be located in a shared folder called TOOLS (read only)


  • Output is sent to a shared folder called DATA (write only)


  • For yara-mem and yara-disk scans, the yara rules must be in the same directory where the server is executed from.
  • The RESTful API server stores data received in a file called results.txt in the same directory.

Contributing to rastrea2r project
The Developer Documentation provides complete information on how to contribute to rastrea2r project

Demo videos on Youtube


Credits & References

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