Information Gathering

Pastego – Scrape/Parse Pastebin Using GO And Expression Grammar

Pastego - Scrape/Parse Pastebin Using GO And Expression Grammar (PEG)

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Scrape/Parse Pastebin using GO and grammar expression (PEG).


$ go get -u


Search keywords are case sensitive

pastego -s "password,keygen,PASSWORD"

You can use boolean operators to reduce false positive

pastego -s "quake && ~earthquake, password && ~(php || sudo || Linux || '<body>')"

This command will search for bins with quake but not earthquake words and for bins with password but not php, sudo, Linux, <body> words.

usage: pastego [<flags>]
--help Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).
-s, --search="pass" Strings to search, i.e: "password,ssh"
-o, --output="results" Folder to save the bins
-i, --insensitive Search for case-insensitive strings

Supported expression/operators:

`&&` - and
`||` - or
`~` - not
`'string with space'`
`(myexpression && 'with operators')`


q, ctrl+c: quit pastego

k, : show previous bin

j, : show next bin

n: jump forward by 15 bins

p: jump backward by 15 bins

N: move to the next block of findings (in alphabet order)

P: move to the previous block of findings (in alphabet order)

d: delete file from file system

HOME: go to top



go get -u ""


go get -u ""


go get -u ""

To create the code from PEG use pigeon:

go get -u


You need a PRO account to use this: pastebin will block/blacklist your IP.

pastebin PRO


  • increase the time between each request
  • create a script to restart your router when pastebin warns you

In progress…

Add flag to pass/read a list of proxies to avoid IP ban/throttle for free users

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