Password Attacks

Password Lense – Reveal Character Types In A Password

Password Lense - Reveal Character Types In A Password

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What is this?
Certain characters in passwords (‘O’ and ‘0’, ‘I’ and ‘l’, etc.) can be hard to identify when you need to type them in (and copy-paste is unavailable). Password Lense is a small web application that provides a quick and secure way to get a more informative view of your password.


  • Color codes each character in your password with a corresponding legend/key
  • Hover-based tooltip on each character in case the colors are not enough
  • Accessible color palette
  • Monospace font for easy character identification
  • Core functionality works even when offline
  • Secure (your password never leaves your browser)
  • Pressing ESC clears the password (in case someone walks in unexpectedly)
  • Checks your password against those available in publicly disclosed data breaches (requires Internet connectivity)
  • Automatically checks for updates (requires Internet connectivity)

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