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MUD-Visualizer – A Tool To Visualize MUD Files

MUD-Visualizer - A Tool To Visualize MUD Files

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This tool can be used to visualize the MUD files in JSON format.


MUD files are plain text files in JSON format that contain ACL rules for a device. A MUD file can contains tens or hundrends of ACL rules which makes it difficult to read and validate the files manually. mud-visualizer will help you to read and validate (and modify in near future) the MUD files.


Use the following commands to install and run mud-visualizer:

$ git clone https://github.com/iot-onboarding/mud-visualizer
$ cd mud-visualizer
$ npm install
$ npm start

Supported MUD Abstractions

Currently the following MUD abstractions are supported in both incoming and outgoing traffic directions:

  • domain-names
  • local-networks
  • same-manufacturer
  • manufacturer
  • my-controller
  • controller


Contributions are welcome! Submit your pull requests to the master branch.


Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Also, you are strongly encouraged to use Github’s Issues to submit new issues, or request enhancements or new features.

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