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Meterpreter Paranoid Mode – Meterpreter over SSL/TLS connections

Meterpreter_Paranoid_Mode.sh allows users to secure your staged/stageless connection for Meterpreter by having it check the certificate of the handler it is connecting to.
We start by generating a certificate in PEM format, once the certs have been created we can create a HTTP or HTTPS or EXE payload for it and give it the path of PEM format certificate to be used to validate the connection.
To have the connection validated we need to tell the payload what certificate the handler will be using by setting the path to the PEM certificate in the HANDLERSSLCERT option then we enable the checking of this certificate by setting stagerverifysslcert to true.
Once that payload is created we need to create a handler to receive the connection and again we use the PEM certificate so the handler can use the SHA1 hash for validation. Just like with the Payload we set the parameters HANDLERSSLCERT with the path to the PEM file and stagerverifysslcert to true.
We can see the stage doing the validation when we recibe a session back …


Meterpreter_Paranoid_Mode tool starts posgresql service, builds the PEM certificate, builds payload (staged OR stageless), starts the comrespondent handler associated to the PEM certificate created (manual) OR impersonated (msf auxliary module) runs msf post-exploitation modules at session creation, deliver agents (staged or stageless) using hta attack vector (apache2 + hta + agent) if configurated in the settings file.

Payloads available:

Staged (payload.bat|ps1|txt|exe):

Stageless (binary.exe):


  • xterm
  • zenity
  • metasploit
  • postgresql


  • This tool will NOT evade AV detection, its made to prevent the data beeing transmited from client (payload) to server beeing captured (Eavesdropping)
  • If you decided to use a 64bit payload, then edit settings file and change ‘MSF_ENCODER=x86/shikata_ga_nai’ to one payload arch compatible encoder(64bit)
  • Only in ‘staged’ builds, Users are allowed to chose the extension (bat|ps1|txt|exe)

Config Settings file (warning: case sensitive)

msf postgresql database connection check? (msfdb reinit)

Default payload extension (output) to use in staged builds

Input agent (output) name manually

This tool will also encode the ‘stage’ beeing send (sending stage to ..)
using the encoder + unicode_encoder sellected on settings file (default: x86/shikata_ga_nai)

HTA attack vector (deliver agent in local lan using apache2)

Default msf post module to run at session creation


1° - Download framework from github
     git clone https://github.com/r00t-3xp10it/Meterpreter_Paranoid_Mode-SSL.git

2° - Set files execution permitions
     cd Meterpreter_Paranoid_Mode-SSL
     sudo chmod +x *.sh

3° - Config tool settings
     nano settings

4° - Run main tool
     sudo ./Meterpreter_Paranoid_Mode.sh

Download Meterpreter Paranoid Mode