Google Play Protect System Failed To Succeed First Security Test

Google’s new Play Protect security system did not success first real-world tests, and the system was rated dead in an experiment conducted by independent German lab AV-TEST, the product was able to stop only 65.8 percent of brand-new malware, and only 79.2 percent of 30-days-old malware. Most of the 20 other products scored results in the 99%-100% range, with a few exceptions.

In fact, it was the first time AV-TEST had put the Google product through its steps. We had hoped that Google Play Protect security could hold its own against the competition, but until these sad results improve, you are recommended to use third-party AV solutions to secure your Android device.

“Google Play Protect is a more advanced version of the Google Play Store’s existing protection and scanning mechanism that protects Android users from installing malicious apps, such as apps that might contain malware or otherwise compromise the data or device”

Play Protect is embedded with the Play Store app, and Google says its system depends on machine learning to discover any suspicious activity and also enables the company to reach out on users’ devices and eliminate malicious apps without user interaction.

You can check the complete results of the AV-Test on Android antivirus software from here.