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Game-based learning platform provides full immersion into cybersecurity

Game-based learning platform provides full immersion into cybersecurity

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Working and learning have gone remote, and we have to come to terms with this new reality. Nowadays, several organizations allow their staff to work from home permanently. Most universities consider reducing classroom time wherever possible, and now we are seeing the demand for online courses sky rocket.
Due to this global shift to remote work, unexpected developments such as the increasing number of attacks have ensued. Company executives will now need to strive harder to reduce the risks of data leaks. There is already a surge in demand for information security specialists and trainings. To be competitive, various educational platforms are improving and introducing new techniques.

Hack, learn cybersecurity, and play

There are a wide range of courses related to cybersecurity, but their goal is just to dispense and reiterate materials without actually simulating real-world cases in practice.
Hacktory are professional AppSec, Red and Blue Teams developing their online learning platform to get students through their lived experience regardless of participants IT background.
The Hacktory platform not only provides in-demand hacking skills but also allows to deploy them immediately. To achieve this, they offer the first-of-its-kind immersive learning environment accessible from home just with a browser.
The team has launched cybersecurity courses based on gamification. The platform emulates real-life cases to teach how to use the tools and techniques of ethical hackers.
As of today, two online courses are ready and available for free for those interested in web security, bug bounty, and Java coding. Their expanded versions with no time limitation are offered – at discounted prices through the current pandemic crisis.

Gamified learning process

Gamified learning has proved to be effective both for those who dislike traditional methods of learning and those who are used to offline lectures and seminars. While taking exams, earning hackcoins, and completing practice assignments, students get various achievements to share with friends on social media sites. The more you learn, the more achievements you acquire.

Virtual assistants

Virtual mentors support students and make learning experience more engaging. People are different. Some may prefer to study night time and learn faster in that way when everyone else is sleeping. Virtual mentors have no time preferences and are always here to help night owls or early risers.

Ratings and achievements

The ratings and the achievement systems add competition to the learning process. Every successful assignment gives experience points that can be spent on level-ups and take you closer to the Hall of Fame of the rating system. Upon successful examination, students get a certificate that can be added to their CV.
The in-company ratings are integrated into personal accounts and motivate your employees to do better. Unlock your own set of robots as you learn and succeed.

Web Security and Bug Bounty Course

The Web Security and Bug Bounty course enables to unleash your bug bounty hunting spirit and become a certified pentester. You’ll plunge into the world of ethical hacking with the guidance of bug bounty gurus to have the Midas touch in bug bounty programs.
  • The course reveals the fundamental security principles of the modern web and bugs finding strategy
  • It provides a comprehensive understanding of the most common attack tactics and vital countermeasures. Each lesson includes identification and exploitation tasks as well as code correction tasks evaluated by the virtual mentor.
  • The course features real cases derived from pentesting practice and resources such as HackerOne, OWASP.


Use your full pentesting potential and creativity to embark on an adventurous bug bounty journey!

Java Secure Programming Course

You’ll explore all OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities. The lessons have practical tasks – each includes searching for vulnerabilities and then fixing them. After the course you’ll be not only a certified professional but also a security guard of Java code.
  • The lessons of the Java Secure Programming course will provide you with an opportunity to develop or extend your “black” hacking skills in practice assessments and then – your “white” skills in fixing a source code.
  • To eliminate a vulnerability, you have to fix a code. You can see all your fixing on a live application right away, and nothing limits your error correction as you can use different techniques.
  • Please note that this course is under development, and the team is awaiting your feedback as any of your advice may improve the course greatly.

Spreading practical skills in cybersecurity

“As there is a significant rise in screen time in different spheres of human activities particularly in the education sector due to pandemic, companies designing learning solutions cannot remain indifferent. They should participate to facilitate access to knowledge and the outside world “, – Hacktory team concluded.
Many organizations were unprepared for such an unprecedented shift in the workflow, and Hacktory announced that it is open to partnering with schools, universities, and any organizations to contribute to spreading knowledge and practical skills in cybersecurity.
Hacktory will hold free webinars to learn more about web security and bug bounty, you can participate in the first one on Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 1 PM GMT.
You can follow Hacktory on Twitter to stay tuned with their news and updates or contact them at [email protected].

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