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DeathRansom – A Ransomware Developed In Python, With Bypass Technics

DeathRansom - A Ransomware Developed In Python, With Bypass Technics, For Educational Purposes

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What is a ransomware?
A ransomware is malware that encrypts all your files and shows a ransom request, which tells you to pay a set amount, usually in bitcoins (BTC), in a set time to decrypt your files, or he will delete your files.

How it works?
First, the script checks if it’s in a sandbox, debugger, vm, etc, and try bypass it.
It then encrypts all files starting with the defined directory on the line 60 in deathransom.py.
Then, downloads the ransom request script, disable cmd, taskmanager and the registry tools. And starts the counter to delete the files.

How to use?
Install the requiriments typing: pip install -r requirements.txt and python3 -m pip install PyQt5
Generate the keys, upload the public key to pastebin, copy the raw link, and change the site on the line 7 in deathransom.py python generate_key.py
Transform time_script.py and main.py(Located at Ransom Request) into exe.
Transform the time_script into exe using pyinstaller in python2 version typing pyinstaller --onefile --windowed <FILE>
To transform the main of ransom request we will use the pyinstaller in the python3 version pyinstaller --onefile --windowed main.py
Then uploads the scripts to any file hosting service and change the links on the line 28 and 31 in deathransom.py
So just transform deathransom.py into exe using pyinstaller in python2 version and be happy 😀

Bypass Technics

  • Anti-Disassembly

Creates several variables to try to make disassembly difficult.

  • Anti-Debugger

Checks if a debugger is active using the ctypes function: windll.kernel32.IsDebuggerPresent()

  • Anti-Vm

Checks if the machine’s mac is the same as the standard vms mac.

  • Anti-Sandbox
  • Sleep-Acceleration

Some sandboxes speed up sleep, this function checks if nothing out of the ordinary has occurred.

  • Sandbox in Process

Checks if have any sandbox in running processes

  • Display-Prompt

Shows a message, if the user interact with the pop up, the malware will be executed.

  • Idle-Time

Sleeps for a while and proceed. Some sandboxes wait for a while and stop running, that tries to bypass this.

  • Check-Click

If the user does not click the number of times necessary the malware not will be executed.

  • Check-Cursor-Pos

If the user not move the mouse in a seted time the malware not be executed.

How to edit the Ransom Request
To edit, you need install the PySide2. Open the main.ui file, and edit what you want.

Demonstration Video

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3Km-TpPBp0]

Video de demonstração PT-BR

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiWBa-SfNCU]

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