Exploitation Tools

DDEtect – Simple DDE Object Detector

Written by Amit Serper, @0xAmit DDEtector is a simple DDE object detector written in python

  • Currently supports only word DOCX and legacy DOC files
  • Prints the contents of the DDE payloads (Note: In some cases DDEtect won’t print the entire DDE payload. I’m working on writing a better matching algorithm)
  • More features coming soon…

Running DDEtector
Execute the python file and supply a path to a docx file as an argument. Use the -d argument for a regular doc file or -x for a docx file: DDEtector requires the following python modules:

  • zipfile
  • xmltodict
  • nested_lookup
  • re
  • argparse


  • Format autodetection
  • Support other office formats (ie. excel)