Child Abuse posts are not being removed by Facebook even after a year

A Facebook post promoting rape videos was also allowed to stay online despite being informed several times, the court listened, while police in the western state of Kerala allege different page was being practiced to run a child-sex ring.

The three claims were raised during an Indian supreme court probe into how technology giants including Facebook and Google work offensive content from India on their programs.

Last week the supreme court requested the companies and the Indian administration to overhaul their rules for dealing with child-abuse elements.

The ongoing research has raised questions about the capacity of the justice systems used by Facebook and others vying to tap a fast-living and hugely different Indian market with users posting in dozens of styles and hundreds of dialects.

Affidavits suggested by Facebook registered the company does not automatically publish the existence of child-abuse element to Indian police but to American jurisdictions instead despite a legal necessity to do so under local child-protection laws.

Facebook is aggressively seeking to rapidly improve its user base in India, previously one of the world’s largest online businesses, and one forecast to higher than double to 829m people by 2021.

But the degree to which the company, and others that sell on the openness of their programs, have the place to monitor how these numbers of millions of new members will use their duties remains to be seen.