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CheckXSS – Detect XSS vulnerability in Web Applications

CheckXSS - Detect XSS vulnerability in Web Applications


Detect XSS vulnerability in Web Applications


Easy Installation
As simple as below, Just one line of code:

curl -L -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Jewel591/CheckXSS/master/docs/install.sh|bash

Usage Instructions
python3.6 checkxss.py -h

Support POST and GET request methods, support parameter injection detection in cookie, referer, useragent fields For example, test the returnUrl parameter in POST data:
python3.6 checkxss.py -u "https://example.com/login.do" --data="returnUrl=utest" -p returnUrl


  1. Support url encoding bypass
  2. Support unicode encoding of HTML tag attribute value to bypass
  3. Support HTML encoding to bypass the HTML tag attribute value
  4. Support for flexible replacement of () ‘”to bypass
  5. Case bypass

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!
Feel to check issues page



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