Information Gathering

Black Owl – Tool To Gather Information, Based On Operative-Framework

This is a simple tool to gather information, based on Operative-Framework.


  • requests
  • pythonwhois
  • beautifulsoup4

Install requirements

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

How to use

$ git clone
$ python

: blackowl > help


Modules /core/modules/

  • CMS Gathering : CMS Detection
  • Email to Domain : Get domain with email
  • Hackedmail : Check if email as been hacked
  • IP Geolocation : Obtain IP geolocation information
  • Namech_k : Get info on a specific person with his username
  • Subdomain Search : Search for subdomain
  • Whois Domain : Whois information for domain

Write module

  • Create new module:
: blackowl > new_module
: blackowl(New module name ?) > my_module
: blackowl(New module description ?) > This is a module
  • Write your code in ‘def main(self):’:
$ vim core/modules/

Website security, detecting malwares on the website and removal services, website backup services, daily website file scanning and file changes monitoring

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