Exploitation Tools

Bashark – Bash Post Exploitation Toolkit

Bashark - Bash Post Exploitation Toolkit

Bashark aids pentesters and security researchers during the post-exploitation phase of security audits.

To launch Bashark on compromised host, simply source the bashark.sh script from terminal: $ source bashark.sh Then type help to see Bashark’s help menu


  • Single Bash script
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Multi-platform: Unix, OSX, Solaris etc.
  • No external dependencies
  • Immune to heuristic and behavioural analysis
  • Built-in aliases of often used shell commands
  • Extends system shell with post-exploitation oriented functionalities
  • Stealthy, with custom cleanup routine activated on exit
  • Easily extensible (add new commands by creating Bash functions)
  • Full tab completion