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Auto-Root-Exploit – Auto Root Exploit Tool

Auto-Root-Exploit - Auto Root Exploit Tool

Auto Root Exploit Tool
Author : Nilotpal Biswas
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/nilotpal.biswas.73
Twitter : https://twitter.com/nilotpalhacker


       for kernel version 2.6 all
       bash autoroot.sh 2

for kernel version 3 all
bash autoroot.sh 3
for kernel version 4 all
bash autoroot.sh 4
for freebsd & openbsd all
bash autoroot.sh bsd
for apple macos all
bash autoroot.sh app
for kernel 2.6,3,4 bsd & app all
bash autoroot.sh all

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

All exploits are suggested by “exploit-db.com” and will update according to it.



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