Apple Claims that the Company has offered the FBI to help unlock the suspect’s iPhone

Turns out all they ought to do was ask Apple for help. In a comment the tech titan has issued to the media, it said it “quickly reached out to the FBI after receiving from their press conference on Tuesday that prosecutors were trying to access a mobile phone.” Cupertino extended its assistance and even agreed to “expedite response to any legal process.” It added that it “works with law enforcement each day” and “offer training to thousands of agencies so they understand devices and how they can immediately request information from Apple.”

The business told News that the FBI has yet to ask for help entering the phone. That pretty much confirms News report that officials avoided the 48-hour window that would have allowed them to unlock the device directly by using the shooter’s fingerprint. If the criminal had fingerprint access enabled, Apple could’ve told officials that they had 48 hours to use his prints to unlock the phone before the feature stopped to function.

Now that it’s past 48 hours, the bureau has to find a legal means to get to the phone’s contents. Officials will now have to serve Apple with a government order to be able to get their hands on his iCloud data. It’s unclear if the FBI is already settling a court order, but it might have chosen not to work with Apple after having a tough time convincing the organization to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. Apple denied opening the device to the FBI even after the FBI took the organization to court. In the end, the feds paid big money for a third-party security tool that was able to unlock the device.

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