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ADBSploit – Exploit And Manage Android Devices Via ADB with Python

ADBSploit - A Python Based Tool For Exploiting And Managing Android Devices Via ADB


A python based tool for exploiting and managing Android devices via ADB

Currently on development

  • Screenrecord
  • Stream Screenrecord
  • Extract Contacts
  • Extract SMS
  • Extract Messasing App Chats WhatsApp/Telegram/Line
  • Install Backdoor
  • And more…


# First Download or clone repo
git clone https://github.com/mesquidar/adbsploit.git
# Move to the directory
cd adbsploit
# Install it
python setup.py install
# Excute 
# Enjoy!!


  • Python 3.X


  • Execute the commad: devices
  • Then select the device with: select
  • You can connect to device using the command: connect
  • Type help for more information




  • Fixed setup and installation
  • Extract Contacts
  • Extract SMS
  • Send SMS
  • Recovery Mode
  • Fastboot Mode
  • Device Info
  • Kill Process


  • List Devices
  • Connect Devices
  • Forward Ports
  • Airplane Managment
  • Wifi Managment
  • Sound Control
  • List/Info Apps
  • WPA Supplicant Extraction
  • Install/Uninstall Apps
  • Shutdown/Reboot
  • Logs
  • Start/Stop/Clear Apps
  • Show Inet/MAC
  • Battery Status
  • Netstat
  • Check/Unlock/Lock Screen
  • Turn On/Off Screen
  • Swipe Screen
  • Screencapture
  • Send Keyevent
  • Open Browser URL
  • Process List
  • Dump Meminfo/Hierarchy

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